The Dronescourge & More Strike In Warlord’s Beyond The Gates Of Antares

May 14, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games has released a whole bunch of new awesome stuff on their webstore for Beyond The Gates Of Antares. The story moves forward with a new supplement for the game, The Dronescourge Returns!

The Dronescourge Returns + Damaged Viral Defender - Warlord Games

Featuring some amazing new models, the new book looks towards this long-forgotten threat to the galaxy as it seeks to burn its way through all foes that stand in its way.

Inside the new book, you will find...

  • Six new narrative scenarios in a campaign set within the vast starliner or within the ruined arcologies of the planet, Taskarr.
  • Campaign rules designed to link the games together in a flexible format.
  • A new, all-drone army – the Virai Dronescourge, with unique rules, weapons and capabilities.
  • Army lists for the ragtag Freeborn Privateers and the resource-starved Ghar Exiles.
  • New units, environmental factors, hazardous fauna and rules for fighting aboard ship and in similar, enclosed environments such as the ruined arcologies in ancient cities. Included are rules for breaching weapons, setting explosives, dealing with corridors, breaking down obstacles, walls and doors, and dangerous corridor turret drones.
  • New units, weapon and weapon rules, including the specialist fractal demolitions and breaching cannon (DBC), the Isorian phase-shift projector, fractal charges and breaching kit for Boromite, Freeborn and Algoryn engineers, Krasz assault troops for the Concord, and a breaching mode for existing weapons such as the eponymous plasma lance, disruptor bomb and tractor maul.
  • Three new characters for The Dronescourge Returns campaign and a new foe: Concord NuHu Intelligence Mandarin Jai Galeyous and her panhuman, Vyess bodyguards; Privateer ‘Admiral’ Taras Kalemon and his Boromite and Freeborn bodyguard; Ghar Exile Commander Shaltok; and the command drone of the Dronescourge hive, a Virai First Instance.

As with all of the new books that Warlord Games do they have also included a free model with the book if you order it soon. You get an awesome Damaged Viral Defender which could be used as a good objective in your games.

A New Army

As well as the new book you also have the new models for the Virai Dronescourge! Here we have just a peek at some of the very different looking force that will be available for you to snap up.

Dronescourge Starter Army - Gates Of Antares

The new models have a very nice mechanical aesthetic to them and for anyone who has played Destiny they very much remind me of the Vex in a lot of ways. They also have shades of the Remnant in Mass Effect: Andromeda.Virai Defenders Squad - Beyond The Gates Of Antares

This force is looking like it could be a lot of fun to paint up. I love the idea of working on them in their 'ancient' state almost where you focus on them being this long-forgotten force that maybe has seen better days. Rust effects ahoy!

Heavy Ordnance

The Algoryn have also been working on some new ways to defeat these invaders and that involves heavy duty weaponry. First off we have the AI Baston Heavy Combat Skimmer.

Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer - Gates Of Antares

I really like the design of the Algoryn and their vehicles. If I was going to be delving into Gates Of Antares then i reckon that I would choose them as my force. The design invites very clean and neat paint jobs which I try and aim for. Plus, they have other neat pieces of kit like the AI Specialist Heavy Support Team With Fractal Bombard.

Specialist Heavy Support team With Fractal Bombard - Gates Of Antares

Look at that awesome armour! This weapon has been designed to destroy fortresses so you could imagine what it does to groups of enemies, larger vehicles and those Virai!

Pre-Orders Ahoy

As well as all the new releases we also got to see some of the pre-orders on the way, namely as these two character sets. We start with Condord Intelligence NuHu Mandari Jai Galeyous.

Condord Intelligence NuHu Mandari Jai Galeyous - Gates Of Antares

This lady is then joined by Privateer Admiral Taras Kalemon. This gives you new characters to use for the Concord and the Freeborn. Actually, you know how I said that I liked the Algoryn? Well, I think I forgot about the awesome look to the Freeborn. Damn.

Privateer Admiral Taras Kalemon - Gates Of Antares

I love that we're seeing an amalgamation of different species serving under Admiral Taras Kalemon here. It's nice to have a leader who can draw on support from various races...although according to his background he tends to spend a lot of his time tactically hiding from the enemy!

What do you think of the new models?

"Featuring some amazing new models, the new book looks towards this long-forgotten threat to the galaxy..."

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