Special Forces Fight For The Algoryn In Beyond The Gates Of Antares

June 26, 2017 by brennon

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Showing off why the Algoryn are possibly the coolest faction in Beyond The Gates Of Antares Warlord Games now have some excellent specialist troops and they're led by a dangerous looking lady...

Algoryn Special Division Commander Ess Ma Rahq

Leading the way alongside her bodyguards and crack squad we have Ess Ma Rahg. Here's a bit more about her character...

"Ess Ma Rahq belongs to one of the oldest and most renowned of all the great Optimate moch, or clans, of the Algoryn: the Rahq. Ess Ma Rahq is every inch a member of the haughty and ambitious clan into which she was born.

She took to the obligatory military training with relish, proving insightful if merciless leader, inspiring both loyalty and dread in equal degree. Most of all her evident intelligence and technical aptitude distinguished her from her cohorts."

She looks fantastic, as do the other troops and it's a bit of a mix of aesthetics from the likes of Farscape and the Peacekeepers and the Turians from Mass Effect. A good melting pot!

Hazardous & Hardened

Maybe Ess Ma Rahg is going to be calling in these next squads to settle the score with the enemy? Here we have the Algoryn Hazard Squad...

Algoryn Hazard Squad

...and the Command Element for it too.

Algoryn Hazard Command Squad

As you might imagine these soldiers are deployed into the thickest of the fighting. Their armour benefits from multiple layers of protection against some of the most devastating weapons out there and they carry experimental weapons for blasting apart their enemies in return.

What do you think of these new releases?

"As you might imagine these soldiers are deployed into the thickest of the fighting..."

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