3 Novellas Explore the Three Games of the Iron Kingdoms

April 8, 2013 by dracs

There was a bit of excitement a while back as Privateer Press had announced that a series of books based in the Iron Kingdoms was in the offing.

Well I just checked back and it seems that we can now explore Hordes, Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms RPG in three new novellas!

To start off we have the first in the The Walrock Sagas for Hordes; Instruments of War by Larry Correia.

Instruments of War

Makeda, Supreme Archdomina of House Balaash, is known throughout the Iron Kingdoms for her leadership of the mighty Skorne Empire, but it was not always so…

For fans of Warmachine we have The Devil's Pay by Dave Gross.

The Devil's Pay

Sam MacHorne and her Devil Dogs need a contract, and when one comes in that leads to the haunted Wythmoor Forest, the company moves out with warjacks and slug guns at the ready...

Finally we have one I am particularly excited about. The Iron Kingdoms RPG is represented by Exiles in Arms: Moving Targets, written by none other than the master of Black Library macabre C. L. Werner.

Moving Targets

With the forces of Khador massing for another surge south into Cygnar and the Thornwood Forest, Taryn and Rutger are forced to take a dangerous escape route before borders close for good.  Amid the last refugees fleeing the advance, the duo is caught up in an assignment that will prove to be either their salvation or undoing.

These three novellas are currently available in eBook formats and have just recently appeared on Amazon.

The fiction of a gaming world is really what brings it to life so these new books are a more than welcome addition, opening up the world of Iron Kingdoms and hopefully providing us with inspiration to use in our own games.

Are any of you looking for some bed time reading?

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