The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers Grace The Seas Of Warmachine

January 16, 2015 by brennon

When I first saw these I couldn't quite believe they were Privateer Press miniatures. Check out The Devil's Shadow Mutineers and I'll explain a bit more about this new Warmachine Mercenary faction!

The Devil's Shadow Mutineers

First thing that I noticed is that this lot look nothing like any kind of Warmachine miniature I've ever seen before with the exception of the one on the far left. The amount of detail and work on their faces is insanely good and makes these look like bespoke Freebooter's Fate miniatures rather than anything from Privateer.

"Wild-eyed sailors tell a tale of the nefarious pirate ship Devil’s Shadow and its mysterious disappearance. Of the ship’s crew, only three souls ever returned, now guided by some unseen evil. This trio disperses as quickly as an ill wind, staying only long enough to form contracts with desperate men. Their goals remain a mystery, and the three otherwise go wherever the gales send their cursed ship."

On the left you have Zira with the two pistols, followed by Mar in the middle and then finished off with the surly looking Morland on the right.

The miniatures are just insanely good looking and I could see some top notch painters making these look absolutely stunning. Credit must go to the painter who did these as well because they look great!

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