Major Gibbs & Towering Colossals Available For Warmachine

November 9, 2016 by brennon

Privateer Press has shown off the new releases now on their way for use in the world of Warmachine. We start with Cygnar and Major Harrison Gibbs...

Major Harrison Gibbs

"A natural survivor and ruthless pragmatist, the man known as Gibbs is as capable on the battlefield as any professional soldier. As a cook in a Cygnaran trencher company, Gibbs was stranded behind enemy lines and was forced to adapt to survive. Wearing the uniform of a dead officer, he introduced himself not as a cook but as Trencher Major Harrison Gibbs and has become a vital member of the Llaelese Resistance."

A stirring story that would make many in the Cygnar army fight all the harder. I do like the addition of his cat that appears to be ready to fight alongside him should the situation arise.

Mighty Colossals

Towering over all other creatures and contraptions on the tabletop the Colossals of Khador are once again ready to stomp into battle with both the Conquest and Victor getting ready for battle.


"Khadoran colossals are mountains of steel bristling with some of the most powerful weapons ever deployed in the Iron Kingdoms. The deafening roar of the Conquest’s steam-fed engine is punctuated by the percussion of its devastating guns, which unleash a punishing barrage of shells able to reduce warjacks to slag and annihilate entire enemy formations.

The Victor’s massive siege mortar and its sophisticated loading system bring unmatched versatility to the battlefield, while its autocannons neutralize airborn threats with pinpoint accuracy."


Now those are some mighty looking walkers covered in guns and ready to blow away all competition that stands in their way. I actually think I prefer the siege mortar atop the Victor in terms of aesthetics and the imagery of it bracing itself to fire does appeal too!

What do you think of the new releases?

"A stirring story that would make many in the Cygnar army fight all the harder..."

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