New Solos & Light Warjacks Arrive For Privateer’s Warmachine

October 12, 2018 by brennon

Privateer Press released some new models for both the Protectorate Of Menoth and Crucible Guard last week which you can now snap up for Warmachine. We're starting with the Light Warjack for the Crucible Guard, the Retaliator.

Retaliator - Privateer Press

"A variant chassis of the esteemed Llaelese Vanguard built by the Order of the Golden Crucible, the Retaliator has been outfitted with an advanced alchemical weapon system. This enthalpic distillator can fire a spray of one of several compounds. The effects vary from a violent blast capable of knocking adversaries off their feet to an incendiary accelerant or a caustically corrosive agent."

This is a rather dangerous looking Warjack to include amongst your collection. With that rather dangerous hooked blade and a gun which can spray a number of different noxious chemicals on your enemies, you've got quite the brutal killer at hand.

The paint scheme for the Crucible Guard is still one which interests me. I love the shimmering jade green and the mix with the metallics.

Warped & Weird

As well as this Light Warjack the Crucible Guard have other means of dealing with their foes including this Trancer.

Trancer - Privateer Press

"Trancers are subjected to powerful alchemical substances to unlock violent psychokinetic powers. Chosen from among terminally ill volunteers, this process creates short-lived but potent living weapons employed by the Crucible Guard. With but a thought they can send adversaries flying back with lethal force, and when one perishes, the volatile energies within them are unleashed in an explosion to obliterate everything around them."

This looks towards a particular idea that I was toying with for an old Warhammer Fantasy army. I loved the idea of a Witch Hunter/Sigmar Priest force which abhorred magic but used it against their enemies with their 'pet' Wizard who was strung up and bound like this fellow here.

Fire & Faith

Talking of faith and fire we have the Exemplar Warder from the Protectorate Of Menoth who is out right now.

Exemplar Warder - Privateer Press

"While most Exemplars are aggressively deployed on the battlefield against unbelievers, some veterans are singled out for another role. Upon reaching the rank of warder, those with exceptional vigilance and the proper humility and loyalty might be chosen to protect the theocracy’s leaders. Wielding consecrated halberds, these warders drill in defensive tactics and stand ready to endure the blows intended for others."

As you might have guessed from my liking of fiery faithful paladins and the like the Protectorate Of Menoth has always been an interesting faction to me. It just sucks that I can't really paint their scheme!

I think if I was going to collect them I would go for a dark red look to their armour lined with silver so I could avoid painting that cream armour.

What do you make of the new releases?

"I love the shimmering jade green and the mix with the metallics..."

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