Phantom Gunslingers, Commanders & More For Warmachine

May 6, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press look towards some more new miniatures for the world of Warmachine drawing on the forces of Cryx first with the Hellslinger Phantom.

Hellslinger Phantom

"A malevolent specter born of Cryxian magic, the Hellslinger Phantom bears a striking resemblance to the Cygnaran warcaster Allister Caine, and rumors suggest it was made from a sliver of his very soul. The Hellslinger Phantom mimics Caine’s style on the battlefield, firing runeshots akin to the ones employed by gun mages.

First spotted in a remote town in northern Cygnar, the phantom slaughtered a large number of innocent civilians, and now every day it roams free, the body count grows."

Now that is one terrible looking creature that the folks in Cryx have summoned forth. The bright green from beneath the cloak is an excellent contrast to the darker tones of his uniform. Maybe that could indeed be the fallen Allister Caine.


This is matched by a new model for the forces of Khador. Here we have the Winter Guard Artillery Kaptain.

Winter Guard Artillery Kapitan

"The artillery kapitans of the Winter Guard understand the true strength of Khadoran artillery. Under their command, crews lay down fearsome barrages just ahead of their advancing troops, decimating enemy lines while creating a chaotic environment that Khadoran forces can turn to their advantage.

Often friendly troops are caught in these blasts, but a kapitan knows such losses are a necessary price of victory."

A rather normal looking fellow to add into the mix for your army. While he isn't quite as striking as the chap we saw above he is a neat part of the potent mix that makes Khador dangerous on the tabletop.

Menoth's Fury

We then turn to the Protectorate Of Menoth and their Purifier Light Warjack which looks more like a Knight clad in heavy armour, flails at the ready.


"Faith alone is insufficient to protect the faithful. Thus, the Devout was built to guard the Protectorate’s leaders from heretics and engraved with holy inscriptions to protect its controller from accursed magic.

The Dervish, on the other hand, is a divinely inspired weapon that uses its chassis’ unparalleled reflexes wholly for offense. The Purifier, crafted as a literal interpretation of wrathful scripture, has a singular drive to eradicate unbelief through the cleansing fires of the Creator."

You could imagine this clanking forwards rather patiently before spinning up its mechanical arms, the flame within those flails ready to spew forth onto its enemies.

While not quite as dangerous looking we have the Deliverer Arms Master.

Deliverer Arms Master

"Few deliverers survive long enough to gain true mastery of the weapons they wield, but those who do can earn the distinguished title of arms master, directing their charges in combat from the back lines.

Tasked with the upkeep and repair of Skyhammer rockets and Sunburst artillery, they also train the faithful in the use of these devastating weapons."

While not a warrior in their own right, much like with the Artillery Kaptain above, they are there to make sure that their compatriots are able to spew forth all manner of dangerous firepower onto the tabletop.

What do you make of these new models?

"Maybe that could indeed be the fallen Allister Caine..."

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