Privateer Find A Warmachine Shilling In Their Flagon Of Ale

May 6, 2013 by brennon

Released in two days will be another unit for Warmachine by Privateer Press. Check out the Press Gangers below which will be out on May 8th ready to round up some extra lackeys to serve under your warcaster...

Mercenary Press Gangers

"Mustered together from disreputable coastal taverns and wharves, the Sea Dogs are motley pirates hungry for spoils. Armed with swords and pistols and barely kept in check by grizzled mates, the Sea Dogs serve any master with sufficient coin. What they lack in training and manners they make up for with frightening bluster and enthusiastic avarice."

A motley assortment of miscreants without a doubt. This is a replacement unit for one that already exists and with so much character you could use these for more than just Warmachine. I reckon they'd be great in Cutlass! too.

What do you think?

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