Go Behind the Scenes of Warmachine Tactics

April 24, 2014 by dracs

WhiteMoon Dreams, the developers behind the upcoming Warmachine Tactics video game, have put out their latest progress report to let us know how things are looking behind the scenes.

The developers take us through the game as it currently stands, starting off by showing some awesome concept art.

Warmachine Tactics Concepts

Warmachine Tactics Concept Sketches

Then we move on to see a lot of the work that has gone into making some pretty amazing looking environments.

Warmachine Tactics Environment

Warmachine Tactics Environment 2

The best bit though is that we get a glimpse at the gameplay!

Warmachine Tactics Gameplay

Warmachine Tactics Gameplay 2

So far everything is looking pretty good. The designs are impressive and realise the style of Warmachine in digital format pretty well. The gameplay looks interesting, and I am certainly interested in getting my hands on this once it is finished.

Be sure to check out the video of all this and let us know what you think of Warmachine Tactics.

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