Shadow Weavers & Master Mages Join Warmachine Infernals

October 14, 2019 by brennon

The Infernal forces raging across the world of Immoren aren't don't with you yet. Privateer Press has two new Warmachine characters for you to consider starting with Zaateroth, The Weaver Of Shadows.

Zaateroth The Weaver Of Shadows - Warmachine

"Zaateroth is a fell master of tremendous intellect and will, an entity whose very appearance can overwhelm lesser minds, forcing them to their knees. She possesses an aura of alien grace and majesty that is both cold and terrifying. It is no wonder that in ancient times, those who witnessed Zaateroth thought her a dark goddess, and in occult texts, she is described as a personification of death and decay. At her least touch, corporeal forms begin to lose coherence, falling to ruin as if left to age for a thousand years. Shadows move about her like specters, and in these shadows is the essence of the Outer Abyss."

This fancy new lady comes as another stunning addition to the Infernal range which, I think at least, steps things up another level when it comes to the sculpting from Privateer Press. They did some great stuff with the Grymkin and the Infernal range goes in a new direction again. It's very different from the classic Warmachine look but it might be the welcome addition that some have been waiting for.

The new options for Warmachine continue with Master Preceptor Orin Midwinter here too.

Master Preceptor Orin Midwinter - Warmachine

Orin Midwinter is a man who has gone through several transformations in his checkered past. Some people seem destined to lead, others to serve, and Midwinter has always felt driven to assist those in power. Perhaps it was inevitable that he would become one of the most influential secret infernalists in western Immoren, playing a key role in the great invasion. He has earned a special place of power and influence among the infernalist cultists, collaborating with the infernal masters. In doing so, he has earned the unending enmity of the rest of humanity.

He looks a little bit like what would happen if the Dungeon Master from the classic D&D cartoon had gone full evil. That is a seriously awesome beard for one and he has some proper shoulder pad game going on as well. Whilst not as stylish as Zaateroth he is a very nice addition to the Infernal line-up.

Have you been tempted to try out Warmachine since the coming of the Infernal faction?

"Have you been tempted to try out Warmachine since the coming of the Infernal faction?"

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