Sneak Peek At Next Warmachine Expansion, Vengeance!

November 6, 2013 by brennon

Our eagle eyes have landed on a very neat little sneak peek of what's ahead for Privateer Press and Warmachine. It looks like we should be seeing a new expansion on the way!

Warmachine Vengeance

This is the new cover for the expansion and shows off some pretty epic looking combats between the factions of Warmachine. I finally actually have more of a handle on what's going on here too thanks to playing a fair few games of Warmachine over the past few months.

Bane Cavalry

Gorshade Art

As well as the new expansion it looks like this will also bring new models into the fold and the one everyone is looking at with excitement is Goreshade pictured above in the artwork. Above that are the Bane Cavalry that he must be riding into battle alongside.

Gorshade #1

Goreshade #2

Above are also some of his previous incarnations and he looks like he has got another epic upgrade into this mounted version. I'm sure there will be a lot of happy Cryx players out there right now.

So what do you know about this new expansion? Drop some comments below and we'll discuss this one in depth no doubt!

Images from Gav Townsend.

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