The Thunder of Hooves and Colossals from Khador

April 11, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking to boost your Khador forces in Warmachine from Privateer Press then how about this pair of models on the horizon for the red armoured army...

Vladimir Tzepesci Great Prince of Umbrey

First up is Vladimir Tzepesci Great Prince of Umbrey with his mighty steed and awesome looking weapon he looks quite the match for any enemy he comes up against. The massive shoulder armour adds a lot of weight to the model and makes him look superhuman.

Conquest - Khador Colossal

And if you want something to back him up then how about the Conquest Colossal for Khador? Could certainly see this being the focus of the enemies attention as it comes barrelling down on them.

Do either the Prince or Colossal appeal to you?

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