Warmachine Gets Ready to Unleash its Menoth Colossal

October 1, 2012 by brennon

The next Privateer Press Colossal is on the horizon as Warmachine gets ready to welcome the mighty Judicator to the field of battle. Check out the mighty beast cast from metal and faith below...

Judicator Protectorate Colossal

That is a fairly awesome looking model. It certainly fits into the realm of 'can we even call that a miniature!?' I love the style of the armour plating and the organ style piping at the top adding to the aesthetic and keeping it tied neatly to the faith side of Menoth. A mighty beast and no mistake.

Judicator Scale Comparison

If you fancy checking out how it measures up against other models within the range hopefully this image above gives you a nice sense of scale. One of its fists is almost as big as a standard warjack!

Will you be grabbing this mighty construct?

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