Warploque Reveal Massive Christmas Haul For ArcWorlde

December 2, 2020 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures has revealed a massive array of releases for December and the Christmas period. There is a hefty amount of new options for the Imperials, Halflings, Wild Elves and the personalities that wander this whimsical Fantasy world.

Imperial Starter Warband - ArcWorlde

Imperial Starter Warband // ArcWorlde

At the head of this set of releases, and a good way to dive into playing the game right away, we have the Imperial Starter Warband. These fellows, servants of the Albionnican Empire, are a great way to play the most likely exceptionally misguided "good guys" in your games of ArcWorlde.

The group has a really nice Fable-esque quality to them that I really enjoy and I like that there is something classically British about their design but with a few Fantasy twists. For example, you've got the Arcanite which has been used as the "flint" in their rifles!

The Imperials are then expanded upon with all manner of additional characters which can give them a bit more oomph on the tabletop.

Imperial Dragoon - ArcWorlde

Imperial Dragoon // ArcWorlde

This could be done with the Imperial Dragoon as you can see here who is mounted atop a well-trained unicorn! Why wouldn't you want a charger with a weapon built into its head?

The Halflings of ArcWorlde also have a bunch of great cavalry options. Well, they are a little sheepish.

Halfling Cavalry - ArcWorlde

Halfling Cavalry // ArcWorlde

This shows off one of the things that I like about ArcWorlde and what Warploque miniatures do. They are always playing around with fun and quirky ideas and presenting us with unique miniatures for use in our tabletop games.

You certainly see this with their Wild Elves which we previewed not long ago. I love their spiteful fae look and you see this in spades with this miniature here as an example.

Wild Elven Centaur - ArcWorlde

Wild Elven Centaur // ArcWorlde

How could you not want to pick up this miniature and get stuck into painting it? I really do like the factions of ArcWorlde and the game itself is well worth taking a look at too. It's a very nice relaxed experience which turns your traditional skirmish game into more of a semi-cooperative storytelling experience. It's all about the narrative!

ArcWorlde Personalities

As well as a selection of key options for building up your warbands you've also got some fascinating characters to introduce into your warbands too. Leading the way is one of my favourites, the Headless Horseman.

Headless Horseman - ArcWorlde

Headless Horseman // ArcWorlde

As a fan of classic American folklore and the tales told around the campfire here in Blighty, miniatures like this really hit the nail on the head. This is a very cool way to do a spectral/undead horse and you get the sense that this chap is someone you want to avoid when wandering about the woods!

One of the more whimsical miniatures is the Imperial Tinkerer here who has been playing around with Arcanite and made some fascinating looking contraptions.

Imperial Tinkerer - ArcWorlde

Imperial Tinkerer // ArcWorlde

You just know that this fellow is going to blow himself up. No crackpot inventor ever manages to last very long but it's fun seeing what they can do whilst their luck holds!

Capping things off we have one of their unpainted miniatures which goes back to the folklore tales you can tell within ArcWorlde.

The Dread Piper - ArcWorlde

The Dread Piper // ArcWorlde

Who wouldn't want to play as an undead Pied Piper who is able to summon forth a swarm of rats to attack their foes and potentially get revenge for some terrible slight? I would love to see how this miniature would get painted up.

But Wait, There's More - Troggle Trumps!

We also couldn't go without talking about this quick and easy card game which draws on inspiration from a classic card game from the playground.

Troggle Trumps - Warploque Miniatures

Troggle Trumps // Warploque Miniatures

This set features some of the beautifully painted miniatures which have been turned into "Top Trumps" cards. You can learn about their different statistics and the lore behind each of these creatures whilst seeing whether or not you can best your friends around the dinner table.

Are you tempted by this new set of miniatures from Warploque? If so, this is JUST the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot more to check out in their Christmas 2020 Collection.

Drop your thoughts below!

"Are you tempted by this new set of miniatures from Warploque?"

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