Want To Learn About The Great Martian War Of 1913 to 1917?

October 8, 2014 by brennon

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The History Channel have been spewing out a lot of tosh recently and most of it is decidedly not historical. The recent success with Vikings has been a massive boon but they still have quite a lot of random twaddle to wade through. However, The Great Martian War might be something to tune into if you're a Weird World War fan...

Alien Walkers

Walkers Destroying City

The above video by PLAZMA is a trailer for the show and explores what would have happened in an impossible history where Martians land on Earth and waged war against human kind. As you can see in the video and some of the images here they've taken historical footage and doctored it as well as creating some of their own faux footage for you to enjoy.

Attacking Trench

Walker In Road

From a wargamers point of view, and with All Quiet on the Martian Front being a hit on Kickstarter not so long ago it does provide you with plenty of cool ideas for the tabletop. The sight of the walkers, the Weird World War tech and the background for developing the period into wargames, board games, and role-playing provides you with a wealth of content.

Alien Vs Ship

Captured Alien Tech

With this year marking the Great War with such amazing shows as Our World War from the BBC (a must see drama series that really highlighted the war from a soldiers-eye view. Not on iPlayer currently but being re-shown soon) and many others it may seem to some rather unnerving and against the grain for the History Channel to make something like this.

Weird World War Tanks

Guns Vs Aliens

On the other side of the coin you could view this as a perfect opportunity for a viewer to watch this impossible history and therefore become more enthused by the idea of learning a bit more about the Great War. Most people nowadays tend to read around a subject they've seen on TV or viewed online and the way we learn is very different from a few years ago. Maybe this is quite a positive.

Do you think you'll give this one a watch?

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