How To Paint The Silver Bayonet! Austrian Irregular Painting Tutorial | The Silver Bayonet Week

September 15, 2023 by johnlyons

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John shows off how to paint one of the 28mm Soldier miniatures that you can use to make your Units in Osprey GamesThe Silver Bayonet and The Carpathians - Castle Fier. Here, we're showing off how to bring together an awesome scheme for your Austrian Irregular via the collection by North Star Military Figures.

The Silver Bayonet

The Silver Bayonet: Canada

The Silver Bayonet: Carpathians - Castle Fier

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 Get Your Own Austrian Irregular

The nice thing about painting up miniatures for The Silver Bayonet is that you can draw inspiration from Historical wargaming for the uniforms of your Soldiers but you're not beholden to that! With this being a Fantasy/Horror wargame, you could play around with different schemes and paint your Soldiers however you like, perhaps inspired by stories you've read.

Paints Used...

Citadel Chaos Black Spray
Citadel Wraithbone
Vallejo Black Grey
Citadel Grey Seer
Vallejo Pale Flesh
Vallejo US Dark Green
Citadel Mephiston Red
Citadel Steel Legion Drab
Vallejo Flat Brown
Citadel Lead Belcher
Vallejo Brass
Citadel Nuln Oil
Citadel Darkoath Flesh
Citadel Skeleton Horde

How will you paint up your Austrians for The Silver Bayonet?


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Make sure to join us for more Napoleonic Horror Wargaming with The Silver Bayonet!

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