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How To Paint The Silver Bayonet! Austrian Irregular Painting Tutorial | The Silver Bayonet Week


John shows off how to paint one of the 28mm Soldier miniatures that you can use to make your Units in Osprey Games' The Silver Bayonet and The Carpathians - Castle Fier. Here, we're showing off how to bring together an awesome scheme for your Austrian Irregular via the collection by North Star Military Figures.

How To Paint The Silver Bayonet! Marcea Lupul Painting Tutorial | The Silver Bayonet Week


In this new painting tutorial, John shows you how to paint Marcea Lupul from The Silver Bayonet by Osprey Games. We'll show off how to paint up the big bad villain from The Carpathians: Castle Fier, the latest supplement for Joseph McCullough's Napoleonic Horror miniatures game.

Gerry Can Show You How To Paint Realistic Two-Step Skintones


In today's Gerry Can, Gerry shows off how to paint a realistic yet simple two-step skintone using Inks, Contrast Paints, Speed Paints and XPress Colors.

Warrior Of Rohan Painting Tutorial (Slapchop Technique) | Middle-earth SBG


We show off how to paint a Warrior Of Rohan quickly and easily using the slapchop technique for use in Games Workshop's Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

World War 2 Late War Soviet Infantry Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action


Check out a painting tutorial showing off how to paint a Late War Soviet Infantry miniature for your World War 2 miniature wargames. This particular miniature comes from Warlord Games' Bolt Action.

Steampunk Adventurer (Marquita Mendoza) Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes


John builds on his 3D Printing VLOG from last week by showing off how to paint the 32mm Steampunk Adventurer, Marquita Mendoza from Raging Heroes' June Release on Heroes Infinite. 

WWII British Rifleman Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action


Dive into the first of a series of videos looking at quick and easy ways to paint your Historical armies. We start with a 28mm British Rifleman from Warlord Games' World War II miniatures game, Bolt Action.

Sorscha Kratikoff Miniature Painting Tutorial | Warmachine


Today we're painting the Sorscha Kratikoff miniature for your wargaming army in Privateer Press' Warmachine. Take a look back at this painting tutorial from the Cult Of Games now available for everyone!

Barbarian Miniature Painting Tutorial | Frostgrave


John steps outside his comfort zone to paint up a Fantasy/Historical piece miniature from North Star Military Figures, the Frostgrave Barbarian.

Hobby VLOG: Astral Knights Space Marines – Part Eight


Highlighting the facial features.

Hobby VLOG: Astral Knights Space Marines – Part Five


Let's put a smile on that face.

3 Colours Up: Freehand Painting – Human Skull


Romain is back with his fantastic quick tips on how to paint freehand human skulls.

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Caucasian Skin & Tattoos Part 3


Welcome to the final part of Romain's Caucasian Skin Tone Tutorial series. We get to see the final details and tattoo work on our Gaspez-Art Barbarian.

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint African Skin Part Two


Romain moves on to the stages of painting his technique for a beautiful African Skin Tone on our little Kingdom Death Pin-Up miniature, adding in another level of deeper shading and highlights.

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Japanese Skin Part Four!


It's now time to finish up the work on how to paint Japanese skin tones from Romain where he's been working on the Kingdom Death Pin Ups of Death!

3 Colours Up: Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff Part 3!


It's time for the grand finale of Romain's epic Kommander Sorscha painting tutorial! She's turned out a treat and I reckon this uniform would pass the stringent checks of the Khadorian army! What do you think of Romain's techniques here and what would you like to see next on 3 Colours Up?

Miniatures ER: Saving An Ordic Pistoleer Part 2!


In the second installment of Miniatures ER Romain moves on to the main issues with Justin's Ordic Pistoleer. This time he'll be covering more about the rather unfortunate choice of skin tone and some parts that really shouldn't be blue!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Ork Skin!


Duncan is back for another Games Workshop painting tutorial. This time, in the wake of so many new Ork models, he is going to be showing you an easy way to paint their green skin as well as their faces, teeth and eyes...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Cadian Shock Troopers


Games Workshop help you work through all those rank and file soldiers as they present a tutorial for the Cadian Shock Troopers you'll be using to make up the majority of your Astra Militarum force...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Tempestor Scion Part 2


It's time to check out the Tempestor Scion again with part two of this tutorial from Games Workshop where they move on and finish off the model...

Flames of War: Painting Japanese Infantry


Looking for some tips on painting the WWII armies of Japan for Flames of War? Well look no further than this vid which takes you through the stages of painting and basing these 15mm scale Japanese.

Flames of War Painting Finnish Infantry


The battles of WWII went on all year round, so the guys from Flames of War have taken the time to show us how to paint their Winter War Finnish Infantry and base them in the freezing snow.

3 Colours Up Tips: Painting Faces & Hair on a Space Marine


Romain returns with another Backstage painting tip, this time he has some guidance on painting the most expressive part of the model... the head and face.

Master Class: Painting Hair on a 54mm Head


Romain Takes out his 54mm head from Victrix to show us how to paint realistic looking hair and stubble.

Painting Faces on your Miniatures… A Masterclass


As a Christmas treat for our Backstage fans, Romain has created a video to answer one of the questions he gets asked the most... how do I paint faces and eyes properly?

Flames of War Painting German Grenadiers


The German Grenadiers of Flames of War go under James' brush as he shares his tips on painting up these plastic minis from the Open Fire! starter set.

Flames of War US Parachute Riflemen Painting Guide


Flames of War drop in with another painting guide, taking us all through the painting techniques for the US Parachute Riflemen.

Flames of War Painting General Patton


James from Flames of War takes us through the steps for painting one of WWII's most interesting characters, General Patton.

Painting Orc Flesh… part 2


Romain adds the finishing touches to his greenskin warrior.

Painting Orc Flesh… part 1


The fantasy tutorial we get asked for more than any other, is how to paint really good Orc flesh. Romain shows us how to paint some really fetching tones, without resorting to the lurid greens we see on every table.

3 Colours Up Tips: Painting Stubble on a Space Marine


This time Romain is giving his Space Marine a 5 o'clock shadow... in the far future... there's only war... and no time to shave!

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