Steampunk Adventurer (Marquita Mendoza) Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes

June 30, 2022 by johnlyons

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John builds on his 3D Printing VLOG from last week by showing off how to paint the 32mm Steampunk Adventurer, Marquita Mendoza from Raging Heroes' June Release on Heroes Infinite.


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We think this is a pretty awesome paint scheme for this intrepid explorer with a very big gun! The paints used in this video were...

  • Vallejo German Cam Beige
  • Vallejo Cavalry Brown
  • Vallejo Chocolate Brown
  • Vallejo Heavy Skin Tone
  • Vallejo Brass
  • Citadel Kislev Flesh
  • Vallejo Cam Olive Green
  • Citadel Iron Warriors
  • Citadel Bugman's Glow
  • Citadel Ulthuan Grey
  • Citadel 'Ardcoat
  • Citadel Cryptek Armourshade Gloss
  • Ak interactive ultra matte varnish
  • Vallejo Cam Olive Green
  • Vallejo Dark Sand
  • Citadel Nazdreg Yellow
  • Scale 75 Hiril Blue
  • Vallejo Russian Uniform
  • Citadel Ushabti Bone
  • Citadel Soulstone Blue

The 3D Print came out really nicely and that made it a joy to paint.

How would you have painted Raging Heroes' Marquita Mendoza?

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