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Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG Miniature Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes


John shows how to paint the Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG miniature from Raging Heroes. This is one of their awesome Heroes Infinite 3D Printable miniatures from the month of July! 

Steampunk Adventurer (Marquita Mendoza) Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes


John builds on his 3D Printing VLOG from last week by showing off how to paint the 32mm Steampunk Adventurer, Marquita Mendoza from Raging Heroes' June Release on Heroes Infinite. 

Barbarian Miniature Painting Tutorial | Frostgrave


John steps outside his comfort zone to paint up a Fantasy/Historical piece miniature from North Star Military Figures, the Frostgrave Barbarian.

Underhive Lizardman Painting Tutorial | Wargames Atlantic


Join John for a new painting tutorial where he shows off how to paint up one of the new 28mm Lizardmen from Wargames Atlantic to fit into a Sci-Fi wargame like Necromunda. 

Master Assassin Painting Tutorial | OnePageRules


Check out our Painting Tutorial focusing on a 3D Printable wargaming miniatures from OnePageRule's Patreon! Here we have one of the Master Assassins from their Duchies Of Vinci range.

Oathmark Painting Tutorial – Heavy Dwarf Infantry


John breaks out the brushes and starts work on a Heavy Dwarf Infantry miniatures for 28mm Fantasy wargame, Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age by Osprey Games.

Burrows & Badgers Miniature Painting Tutorial – Hare Warrior


A new wargaming miniature painting tutorial for today as John works on the Hare Warrior from Oathsworn Miniatures' Burrows & Badgers.

Gerry Can Show You How To Paint Worn Leather


Gerry gets stuck into another hobby and painting tutorial and shows how to paint Old Worn Leather using calligraphy ink and Army Painter Soft Tone. 

Mythos Miniature Painting Tutorial – Abigail (Priory Faction)


John is back with another miniature painting tutorial as he works on Abigail from the Priory faction in Warcradle Studios' 32mm wargame, Mythos. 

Wild West Exodus Miniature Painting Tutorial – Plague Doctor Longtree


John paints up a new 35mm Wild West Exodus miniature in this painting tutorial as he looks at the Plague Doctor known as Longtree from the Dead Or Alive Outlaw Posse. 

Frostgrave Miniature Painting Tutorial | Frostgrave Wizard #FrostgraveWeekOTT


John gets stuck into a miniature painting tutorial where he explores painting up a Frostgrave Wizard to lead your warband in the 2nd Edition of the game!

3 Colours Up: Painting A Stone Templar – Full Tutorial


In this tutorial; Romain will be taking one of the Primaris Marines in Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop and painting it to suit the style of the Stone Templars as inspired by our resident painter, John.

3 Colours Up: Painting Guild Ball’s Millstone – Part Two


Today Romain is in the Hobby Lab to paint up Steamforged Game's beautiful Guild Ball farmers sculpt, Millstone.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Fabled Realms Druggoi Glutton – Part Two


3 Colours Up – Kukulkani Part Two


Last time we based the model ready for highlighting and shadowing, this week we're finishing up!

Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide: How To Paint Darth Vader


Sorastro's Painting gets stuck in and paints up the master of the Force that is Darth Vader from Star Wars Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint A Khorne Skullreaper!


Duncan Rhodes isn't finished with the legions of Chaos as he also shows you how to paint a Khorne Skullreaper, one of the new models from Games Workshop for the Warhammer Fantasy End Times...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint A Bloodthirster Part Two


In the second part of this Games Workshop Painting Tutorial Duncan Rhodes shows you how to go about working on the Bloodthirster's Armour, some more of the work on the Bone and also some tips on making Fire look great...

A Weekend With Angel: How To Paint Infinity Kum Riders Part Three


In the final part of this Weekend with Angel tutorial on the Kum Riders from Infinity we'll be taking a look at some more of the super-detailing and all the work that goes into the bases too!

A Weekend With Angel: How To Paint Infinity Kum Riders Part Two!


In this second part of How to Paint the Kum Rider from Infinity Angel starts to work on the details of the rider and his bike. As well as a range of washes he'll also be talking about more of the work that goes into getting the skin just right.

A Weekend With Angel: How To Paint Infinity Kum Riders Part One!


We've got a real treat for you this weekend! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the maestro of the (air)brush Angel Giraldez has taken some time to show us how to paint the awesome Kum Riders from Infinity! This is the model that won him best painted during the Beasts of War Awards 2014!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Nagash Part 4!


In the final part of this tutorial series we get a look at how to work on the super detailing and finishing touches when it comes to painting the mighty Nagash for Warhammer Fantasy...

3 Colours Up: Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff Part 2!


It's time for the second installment of another epic painting tutorial from Romain. The subject is the Khador Warcaster Sorscha Kratikoff from Warmachine and he will be talking about and putting into practise some of his blending techniques! I think she's coming together rather nicely don't you?

Miniatures ER: Saving An Ordic Pistoleer Part 3!


It's time for Romain to add his finishing touches to this Ordic Pistoleer! The only thing I think we can say is this was one amazing restoration job and the results speak for themselves! So many awesome little hints and tips for bringing a miniature to life! So, if you're feeling up for it get in touch and maybe volunteer one or more of your miniatures to go under the expert brush of our miniature savior!

Miniatures ER: Saving An Ordic Pistoleer Part 2!


In the second installment of Miniatures ER Romain moves on to the main issues with Justin's Ordic Pistoleer. This time he'll be covering more about the rather unfortunate choice of skin tone and some parts that really shouldn't be blue!

Miniatures ER: Saving An Ordic Pistoleer Part 1!


It's time for the doctor to see his patients! We're kicking off the first Miniatures ER where Romain takes a look at a few models that have been through the wars and comes up with a way to save one of them from being relegated to the rubbish bin. Today it's Justin's miniatures!

Painting Mantic’s Twilight Kin Sorceress Part 3


Romain is back for part 3 of his tutorial on the Twilight Kin Sorceress from Mantic Games. Today we get a lesson on how to paint purple leather on this scantily clad little mini.

Troll Impaler’s Worn Leather Quiver


Romain sits down for another 3CU Tips session where he has found another component for his Troll Impaler that needs painting. This time he teaches a technique for painting well worn and battered leather.

Painting Samurai Cavalry from Wargames Factory… Part 2


Romain finishes work on the horse for his Samurai Cavalry kit from Wargames Factory.

Painting Samurai Cavalry from Wargames Factory… Part 1


It's Christmas time and we decided to shake things up a bit and let Romain paint something historical. So he chose the plastic Samurai Cavalry kit from Wargames Factory. In this first part, Romain starts with the Samurai's trusty steed.

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