Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG Miniature Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes

July 28, 2022 by johnlyons

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John shows how to paint the Yakazar, Sharkman Champion RPG miniature from Raging Heroes. This is one of their awesome Heroes Infinite 3D Printable miniatures from the month of July!


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This is another awesome miniatures from Raging Heroes that lets you experiment with a range of different colours.

  • Citadel Contrast: Aggaros Dunes
  • Citadel Contrast: Apothecary White
  • Citadel Contrast: Flesh Tearers Red
  • Citadel Contrast: Gore Grunta Fur
  • Citadel Contrast: Gryph Charger Grey
  • Citadel Contrast: Gutrippa Flesh
  • Citadel Contrast: Skeleton Horde
  • Citadel Contrast: Space Wolf Grey
  • Citadel Air: Leadbeltcher
  • Citadel Shade: Nuln Oil
  • Citadel Dry: Praxeti White
  • Citadel Dry: Tyrant Skull
  • Vallejo: Chocolate Brown
  • Citadel Varnish: Stormshield
  • AK Interactive: Ultra Matt Varnish

A perfect alternative character for roleplaying games like D&D and Pathfinder.

What do you make of the final Yakazar, Sharkman Champion paint job?

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