Warrior Of Rohan Painting Tutorial (Slapchop Technique) | Middle-earth SBG

October 13, 2022 by johnlyons

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We show off how to paint a Warrior Of Rohan quickly and easily using the slapchop technique for use in Games Workshop's Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.


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Learn More About The Slapchop Technique

With this technique, you should be able to paint up an army of Rohan very quickly. Use this to paint up your Riders Of Rohan and characters like Theoden and Eomer as well!

Paints Used Include...

  • Green Stuff World - Matt Surface Primer Black
  • Citadel - Tyrant Skull
  • Citadel - Praxeti White
  • Citadel - Contrast Creed Camo
  • Citadel - Contrast Gore-Grunta Fur
  • Citadel - Contrast Garaghak's Sewer
  • Citadel - Contrast Nazdreg Yellow
  • Citadel - Contrast Darkoath Flesh
  • Citadel - Contrast Aggaros Dunes
  • Citadel - Contrast Basilicanum Grey
  • Citadel - Contrast Warp Lightning
  • Vallejo - Model Colour Oily Steel

Do you like the final result?

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