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How To Paint A Deadzone Plague Commander Part 1!


Welcome to another tutorial with out fantastic painter Romain. Today he's getting to grips with the Plague Commander from Deadzone, and he plans to paint up this monstrous creature in a rather H.R. Giger style. That sounds like it's going to turn out, dark, creepy and horrifyingly beautiful!

Technique Toolbox: Pre-Shading


Time for what could well be one of the most important of all the techniques in this particular toolbox! We all know that depending on how you prime your miniature you will change the final result. If you use black your miniature will turn out dark, if you use white your miniature will be brighter. Simple stuff right? Well, Romain has a few neat little tricks for pre-shading your miniature so that shadows will be dark and the light parts will make your figure pop!

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