World War 2 Late War Soviet Infantry Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action

September 1, 2022 by johnlyons

Check out a painting tutorial showing off how to paint a Late War Soviet Infantry miniature for your World War 2 miniature wargames. This particular miniature comes from Warlord GamesBolt Action.


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This Soviet Infantry miniature comes armed with a PPSH-41 and also a captured German Panzerfaust. This should give you a good scheme to play around with that could be used across all sorts of Soviet miniatures from World War 2.

Paints used in this tutorial include...

  • Vallejo Russian uniform WW2
  • Vallejo panzer aces canvas
  • Vallejo Khaki
  • Scale Colour decay black
  • Vallejo chocolate brown
  • Citadel Kislev flesh
  • Vallejo camo olive green
  • Vallejo German camo beige WW2
  • Citadel Darkoath flesh
  • GSW wash ink ancient sepia

What do you think of the scheme?

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