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Alchemy & A Search For Knowledge Begins With New Alkemy Sculpts


Alkemy the Game will be getting two new figures, which have both been previewed on their facebook page.

Revive Alkemy With New Kickstarter Campaign


The minds behind the Alkemy Miniatures Game are reviving the world, models and more with a Kickstarter Campaign which focuses on bringing this small scale Fantasy game to a whole new audience.

Alkemy Bring The Templar Auxiliaries On Their Quest


Alchemist Miniatures have added some more religious folk to their range with the Templar Auxiliaries. If you want some additional ‘fodder’ to march ahead of you chanting like lunatics then I bet these folk are fairly good at that.

The Tribal Woa Wa’yake & A New Templar From Alkemy


There are two new models out now from Alkemy for their Fantasy tabletop game. The first of these is Woa Wa’yake with a tribal vibe to her and the second is another Templar for the faction of the same name. See what you think of them…

A Whisper In The Shadows Threatens Your Life In Alkemy


The weird world of Alkemy just got a bit more freaky with the addition of some shadowy ninja. What do you think of these Whispers in the dark?

Alkemy’s Flayer Makes Her Escape Onto the Tabletop


A new model has appeared from the fantasy world of Alkemy, a foxy lady who’s ready to flay anyone who gets in her way.

Alchemist Miniatures Travel With The Avalonian Pilgrim


Head off on a quest with this Avalonian Pilgrim from Alchemist Miniatures for the Alkemy game!

Unleash Ibrahim The Lion Of Alkemy Miniatures!


Jump back into the world of Alkemy and see what you think of their latest miniature. I reckon they have plenty of ‘pride’ about this one!

Some Minis Escape From Studio 38’s Alkemy


Studio 38’s series of fantasy miniatures for the game Alkemy are a firm favourite of mine, but it seems that some of them have tried to escape. Check out their new furry friends, the Evadés (escapees).