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Play Out World Domination Quickly With Risk Strike Card Game


Risk is one of those games that I reckon everyone has played at one point or another. It can also last a bloody long time. Well, Avalon Hill has now released a new card game version of Risk called Risk Strike which can be played in twenty minutes.

New HeroQuest Expansion! Rise Of The Dread Moon Coming Soon


Hasbro Pulse is now taking pre-orders for the new expansion that has been designed to match the look and feel of the updated HeroQuest that hit tabletops a little while back. Rise Of The Dread Moon is a new Quest Pack that will have you set up for more epic adventures with this Fantasy classic. 

Face Beasts & Then Feast In D&D: The Yawning Portal Board Game


Avalon Hill has been working on a new Dungeons & Dragons-based board game, The Yawning Portal, which is available for you to buy right now. Face down magical beasts and then get prepared for a proper feast in this family-weight board game. 

Avalon Hill Tease The Return To Heroscape With Age Of Annihilation


Avalon Hill and Hasbro used Gen Con this weekend to showcase the return of a pretty big tabletop game. Heroscape looks like it's coming back with Age Of Annihilation and that means plenty of hex-based battling!

Venture Into The Frost In HeroQuest Frozen Horror Expansion


Taking players into the damn-right freezing, they will be headed off into ten new petrifying quests, whilst meeting some new monsters along the way.

Avalon Hill’s Betrayal At House On The Hill Gets 3rd Edition


Avalon Hill's popular traitor-based horror board game, Betrayal At House On The Hill, is getting a 3rd Edition via Hasbro Pulse. Ghost hunters and spook-sleuths are going to be able to dive into a whole new set of haunts. 

Delve Into Avalon Hill’s RISK: Shadow Forces Coming 2022


Avalon Hill and Hasbro are working on a new version of RISK that will be landing on tabletops this year. RISK: Shadow Forces brings together the traditional RISK experience alongside plenty of tweaks and changes that set it apart from your traditional worldwide clash.

HeroQuest Returning To Tabletops For A Dungeon Crawl In 2022


HeroQuest was brought back to life using the Hasbro Pulse system for lucky backers and pledgers and now it is set for a full resurrection as a retail product. It has recently arrived on their webstore for pre-order with a release at the start of 2022. 

Avalon Hill’s Revamped HeroQuest Now Available In The UK


Avalon Hill's revamped version of Fantasy board game HeroQuest was previously only available in the US and Canada. Now it seems like those of us in the UK are now able to get their hands on the core game, its exclusive content and expansions thanks to Zavvi.

Join The Scooby Gang In Betrayal At Mystery Mansion


Avalon Hill are going to be bringing a new mash-up to the tabletop. We've faced mysteries in Baldur's Gate and now the Scooby Gang are heading into the shadows in Betrayal At Mystery Mansion!

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