Avalon Hill’s Revamped HeroQuest Now Available In The UK

October 9, 2020 by brennon

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Avalon Hill's revamped version of Fantasy board game HeroQuest was previously only available in the US and Canada. Now it seems like those of us in the UK are now able to get their hands on the core game, its exclusive content and expansions thanks to Zavvi.

HeroQuest - Avalon Hill

HeroQuest // Avalon Hill

This version of HeroQuest takes the classic game and simply gives it a new coat of paint. As well as new artwork you'll also find a selection of new plastic miniatures, terrain, dice and more which allow you to play through this grandfather of tabletop gaming.

HeroQuest Heroes - Avalon Hill

HeroQuest Heroes // Avalon Hill

As part of the Avalon Hill and Hasbro Pulse project, you could get your hands on either the Heroic Tier option (the core game) or a Mythic Tier which introduces some new alternative versions of the classic heroes and two expansions as well. Zavvi is offering up THAT Mythic Tier option of HeroQuest as part of their pre-order period coming in at £149.99.

HeroQuest Pulse Heroes - Avalon Hill

HeroQuest Pulse Heroes // Avalon Hill

So, if you saw the Pulse offering going live and then had your hopes dashed immediately by the fact that it wasn't available for those outside of the US, you now have a chance to get ahold of the game. If you missed out on the retro version of HeroQuest back in the day then you've now got a chance to dive in and give it a go!

HeroQuest Mythic Tier - Avalon Hill

HeroQuest Mythic Tier Expansions // Avalon Hill

Should Hasbro and Avalon Hill have expanded on the original and done something new mechanically with the game? Well, that's the bone of contention. A lot of people are (obviously) very happy that this classic version of the game is returning with the new miniatures and artwork. Others are not as impressed and would have preferred Avalon Hill to have tweaked the game a little to match modern tabletops.

Personally, I think this is a nice idea but I would have preferred to see them tweak it to hold up against the likes of Gloomhaven (or Jaws Of The Lion), Descent and the like. I am still holding out hope to see if Restoration Games do something new with the HeroQuest theme in the next few years.

Are you tempted by HeroQuest now it's available in the UK?

"Are you tempted by HeroQuest now it's available in the UK?"

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