May 25, 2018 by brennon

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Over the past few months, we have been working on updating our Privacy Policies to meet the guidelines set out in the new EU GDPR legislation.

You will find the new information and processes detailed in our Privacy Centre.

GDPR represents a big change in the world, and we fully support what it's trying to achieve, and you will see the new platform has a ton of privacy features built in from the get-go.

However, for many small businesses, ours definitely included, GDPR also represents a significant challenge in ensuring we meet full compliance in all areas. The legislation is a little confusing in places and processes can be quite arduous in others.

So as a community I wanted to level with you all that we may or may not have fully grasped and implemented every aspect of the legislation, and it's still much of a work in progress for us as we learn more about how the legislation translates into real-world examples. Many of you will know us by now, we don’t claim to have all the answers but we work hard to get them, always.

So please bear with us over these next few months as we, where necessary fine tune things where needed, and be assured your privacy is very important to us.

Other than that you should notice very little difference, the newsletters etc will all start firing up again soon once the platform has bedded in and we have updated the underlying code in the ‘BeastBots™’ that pull them together, and in the meantime I encourage you to visit your profile pages [Link in top bar when you log in] and have a good poke around the settings available to you in there, and of course jump over to the Privacy Centre to learn a little more about what all this is about.

Thanks for all your continued support everyone!


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