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Avalon Hill’s Betrayal At House On The Hill Gets 3rd Edition


Avalon Hill's popular traitor-based horror board game, Betrayal At House On The Hill, is getting a 3rd Edition via Hasbro Pulse. Ghost hunters and spook-sleuths are going to be able to dive into a whole new set of haunts. 

Join The Scooby Gang In Betrayal At Mystery Mansion


Avalon Hill are going to be bringing a new mash-up to the tabletop. We've faced mysteries in Baldur's Gate and now the Scooby Gang are heading into the shadows in Betrayal At Mystery Mansion!

Discover The History Of The House On The Hill In Betrayal Legacy


With its history shrouded by wild-eyed ravings and the scrawling of madmen, it was thought that no one would ever know the unholy origin of the house on the hill. Until now.

Weekender XLBS: BoW Christmas Wishlists; What’s Hobby Santa Bringing You?


Betrayal Legacy Announced By Rob Daviau & Wizards Of The Coast


Delving back into the realm of Legacy games we heard this weekend that Rob Daviau is joining forces with Wizards Of The Coast to bring Betrayal Legacy to life.

Weekender XLBS: Dark Imperium; Returning To 40K & LARP Thoughts


...we have a special guest this week from a far away land!

Face Betrayal At Baldur’s Gate With New D&D Themed Board Game


If you like the Betrayal At House On The Hill game then you might like the idea of this Dungeons & Dragons crossover which takes you into the dark streets of Baldur's Gate.

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