Betrayal Legacy Announced By Rob Daviau & Wizards Of The Coast

November 20, 2017 by brennon

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Delving back into the realm of Legacy games we heard this weekend that Rob Daviau is joining forces with Wizards Of The Coast to bring Betrayal Legacy to life. A horror board game with a legacy twist - sounds exciting!

Betrayal Legacy

The original Betrayal at House on the Hill is quite a cult hit with board gamers. While it might not be the prettiest game out there it's a fun adventure akin to Scooby Doo meets, well, any horror movie ever. If you get a chance to play it, with its unique traitor mechanic, I'd recommend it.

The new version of the game will work based on the original concept but you will also bring in permanent changes to the game state and there will be a story arch you follow over many games.

You'll play through an introductory prologue and then a thirteen-chapter story which will cover multiple decades of in-game time.

Each player character will represent members of a family that may age and change as the game progresses - no doubt there's some business with a will and lots of (cursed) money!

Will you be picking this up?

" doubt there's some business with a will and lots of (cursed) money!"

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