3D Expansions, Nostalgic Reboot & World Championship For CATAN

May 25, 2022 by fcostin

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There was some really cool news announced for CATAN yesterday, bringing some cool new updates to the classic board game title. Showcasing more 3D game pieces, confirmation of reboot for Settlers of the Stone Age, and a worldwide championship nailed down before the end of the year.

It wasn't too long ago I remember taking a look at the gorgeous 3D CATAN game boxes being displayed at UKGE. Truly bringing CATAN alive in a visual experience with delicately hand-painted 3D pieces on the table. Now, two of CATAN's most successful expansions are joining in on the naturalistic components.  Seafarers and Cities + Knights will be getting a three-dimensional make-over.

CATAN – 3D Expansion – Seafarers + Cities & Knights | Teaser // CATAN Studio

These two titles will be bundled together into a mammoth expansion full of highly detailed and sculpted components for the table. The full box will contain 363 game pieces heading to retail for $399.99. Plus, you will need a copy of CATAN to put the new sets into full force, and I anticipate the 3D edition of CATAN and expansions upcoming will be quite the expensive hobby alone!

CATAN - Dawn of Humankind - CATAN Studio

CATAN: Dawn of Humankind // CATAN Studio

CATAN Studios also announced the tabletop reboot of 20-year old title, Settlers of the Stone Age. Bringing newfound glory in the updated name, Dawn of Humankind. Players will be headed to the pre-historic era mapping out a strategy for the first humans to inhabit our planet. The game will not just be a reskin, there will be new mechanics and strategies added to bring the title to a new life.

Although we didn't get a date down for the 3D Expansions, if you are keen on heading back to the Stone Age, you will be able to pick up the new title as early as October 1st.

CATAN World Championship 2022 - CATAN Studio

CATAN World Championship 2022 // CATAN Studio

The final bit of news announced from CATAN Studio will certainly delight those who have mastered the competitive art of CATAN, bringing a World Championship this November to Malta, and encouraging players to become their country's champion. However, CATAN Studio has released a set of upcoming countries to be celebrating tournaments next year, with the UK and US included.

That's a whirlwind of CATAN news for the day. Whether you are a competitive player, a collector, or a player for nostalgia. The news is sure to delight many a CATAN fan, with the growth of the game system - who knows where we will be headed next!

Are you still keen on diving into a classic game of CATAN?

"The full box will contain 363 game pieces heading to retail for $399.99..."

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