New 3D Render from Kingdom Death

August 9, 2011 by brennon

If your miniature tastes are more on the macabre side of things then how about this render of an upcoming model from Kingdom Death called the Sun Stalker.

A bit of a gibbering monster there. But if your more into your 'human' miniatures then how about checking out this fantastic little lady.

Kingdom Deaths miniatures are all coming from the same haunted and twisted world which they soon hope to make into a new boardgame/RPG hybrid which you can see mocked up below.

Kingdom RPG Board Game

In their own words...

"Kingdom Death is a cooperative hybrid RPG / board game system, providing friends with countless adventures in dim, lantern-lit chaos and nightmares. Expect hordes of monsters and absurd boss battles to stand in the way of leveling and tricking out a perfect death machine build for your selected character."

This game looks like it could be a twisted blast when it comes out, but for now we will have to settle with their miniatures alone. Not such a bad thing with quality like this.

Have the twisted beasties or the lovely ladies tempted you into the Kingdom of Death?

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