Grow The Ancient Roman Port Of Ostia On Kickstarter

January 31, 2022 by fcostin

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Ostia, is now a widespread archaeological site preserved in time and seeping in history, dating back to the 4th century BC as a small town and port which has historically benefited soldiers, townspeople and merchants from across the globe.

1-4 players will be heading to Ostia. No, not in the modern-day. Taking players back to the Ancient Roman City, for a chance to explore the open water connecting trade routes to new areas, and growing their strength and fleet along the way. In the current Kickstarter from uchibacoya, Ostia.

10003828-Ostia - Box Art

Ostia // uchibacoya

To ensure that the entirety of Rome was well stocked up, there was a serious need for a port on the coast. Developing Ostia Portus, players will ensure that the port is in growth and developing, functioning and thriving on the journey.

Heading out into new territories, players will make their way out into the big blue to diversify their trade for custom to propel the port into fruition. This means meeting customer demands and earning reputation individually to receive the honour on the seas for developing a crucial port. A prestigious win for any player.

Reach New Cities - Ostia

Exploration // Ostia

If you are interested in Ostia, there are three different pledges to tap into. Whether you want yourself just the base game, base game and expansion, or one further with the base game, expansion and upgrades. There is plenty to choose from starting at roughly £47.

With 20 days left on the clock, already funded and smashed through its initial goal. There are still a ton of stretch goals to be unlocked, adding upgrades to resources and new content for a solo adventurer.

What do you think of the concept of Ostia? 

"Players will ensure that the port is in growth and developing, functioning and thriving on the journey..."

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