Animal Turf Wars Play Out In Plaid Hat’s Battlelands Card Game

April 24, 2019 by brennon

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Plaid Hat Games are bringing animal warfare to the post-apocalypse with their new game, Battlelands.

Battlelands Cover - Plaid Hat Games

Battlelands is set in the world of Aftermath which will soon be developed into an Adventure Book Game by Jerry Hawthorne who created Mice & Mystics. However, Battlelands gives you a first look at this world, a fast and furious card game where you send our your fighters to claim locations and recruit more warriors to help your faction survive. There will be lots of playing dirty in the mix too!

Battlelands Cards - Plaid Hat Games

Each of the different factions feels different with the Rat Junkers, sneaky Scaled Ones, malformed Blighted sewer-dwellers, the brave Hoddies or the Nocturne scavengers. It sounds like there is a lot of depth right out of the box so you can choose the faction which best suits your playstyle.

Battlelands Locations - Plaid Hat Games

Pre-orders are available now but the game will go on full release in July of this year. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. The artwork is already grabbing me, as is the concept as a whole. To put it in perspective the rulebook is only twelve pages long so it's not going to be one that will boggle your mind!

Could you see yourself being drawn in by Battlelands?

"It sounds like there is a lot of depth right out of the box..."

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