Ankh: Pantheon Brings 5 More Egyptian Gods To The Table

October 11, 2021 by fcostin

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Have you been eyeing up Ankh: Gods of Egypt? The late 2019 CMON Kickstarter bought miniature gamers and board gamers in an uproar. With a set of stunning and detailed Egyptian God miniatures all painted up ready from Angel Geraldez in an area influence title.

Pantheon Expansion Trailer  // Ankh: Gods of Egypt

Recruiting followers, and keeping your community in good standing. Players will take the role of the iconic Egyptian deities, competing for the best outlook in their people. Only one God can rule, and players must utilise their all-powerful Gods to reign over Egypt.

There were many a player lucky to have their hands on Ankh: Gods of Egypt due to early access via Kickstarter, but lots of retailers are just getting their copies in fir the first time. And alongside the core box, the expansion Pantheon will be sitting right next to it from October 29th.

Adding five new gods to the game, players will now be able to add Set, Bastet, Hathor, Horus and Thoth to the mix. Therefore Amun, Anubis, Osiris, Isis and Ra will need to move out the way - cause there are some new gods with some very interesting abilities looking to claim Egypt as their own.


Hathor // Ankh: Gods of Egypt


Horus // Ankh: Gods of Egypt


Set // Ankh: Gods of Egypt

Thoth - Image Four

Thoth // Ankh: Gods of Egypt

Bastet - Image Five

Batet // Ankh: Gods of Egypt

Each army in Ankh: Gods of Egypt will come with their own army of warriors along with a player dashboard, and more tokens to expand the current game further.

It is very interesting seeing the different types of Gods enter the game and how each god can affect each players outcome and strategy. I am very much excited about the release of Hathor. The Goddess of Love will certainly be taking a more peaceful approach to domination. Standing next to Anubis and Set - how can this god reign champ?

Have you played Ankh: Gods of Egypt on the tabletop? 

"Adding five new gods to the game, players will now be able to add Set, Bastet, Hathor, Horus and Thoth to the mix.."

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