Ares Games Chart The Future Of Age Of Conan Board Game

October 4, 2014 by brennon

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Ares Games have taken over the reigns of the Age of Conan Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games are will be heading to Kickstarter to make their latest expansion a reality, Adventures in Hyboria...

Adventures in Hyboria Expansion

Age of Conan

Pledge levels will include the option to not only pick up the expansion but also make sure you get the base game that has been quite the rarity since Fantasy Flight passed over the torch concerning the greatest Barbarian that ever graced the page. The basic game is very cool indeed and sees rival kingdoms pitting themselves against each other and trying to win the favour of Conan as he does what he does best, slays.

The expansion pack that will be the focus of the Kickstarter is designed to expands and build on the mighty Conan as a character on the tabletop adding in more mechanics and forcing more player vs player conflict as forces fight over the mighty warrior.

Some stretch goals have already been planned that focus in on making Sorcery a bigger deal, adding Spies and gifting you a cool cloth bag for drawing your Conan Adventure Tokens.

Ares Games have a great track record with epic games like Age of Conan - having handled the War of the Ring games very well indeed - so I think we're in safe hands with this one.

Have you played Age of Conan?

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