Ares Still Offering Pre-Orders For Battle Of Five Armies Collector’s Edition

January 4, 2019 by brennon

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With a delivery date of September 2019, the team at Ares Games are still offering up pre-orders for their The Battle Of Five Armies Collector's Edition board game which sees two players fighting for control of Erebor during the final chapters of The Hobbit.

Battle Of The Five Armies Collector's Edition - Ares Games

This version of the game comes with deluxe components including painted miniatures as you'll see above to represent the different characters and troops in play. As well as the actual figures you'll also find within very plush cards, cards, rulebooks and more so you can really show the game off when you sit down to play it with friends.

The Shadow player will take control of Bolg and his Goblin army whilst the Free Peoples player will control the various heroes alongside their allies from the realms of Men, Dwarves and Elves too.

I've always loved the look of both this and the War Of The Ring and I can't wait to actually give the game a go at some point. I like this somewhat more condensed experience although I would be interested to see how much it changes from game to game.

In the absence of not being able to buy the Games Workshop Battle Of Five Armies at any reasonable price (sad Ben is sad), I might have to go for this instead.

Have you picked up the regular version of this game?

"...I would be interested to see how much it changes from game to game"

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