Hit The Tavern With BARPIG: After Hours Coming To Kickstarter

May 15, 2019 by brennon

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The team behind the hilarious BARPIG are coming back to Kickstarter towards the end of May with BARPIG: After Hours.

Barpig After Hours Cover - Barpig

The original BARPIG is a great competitive adventure game which features ways to screw over your friends with take-that style mechanics and social group activities. Their stand is always a hive of activity at conventions and folks always have fun when they get stuck into this game. You can check out our hot-take on the game from last year's UK Games Expo below.

Well, the new version of the game After Hours introduces a whole bunch of new characters into the mix for you to get used to.

Barpig After Hours Character #1 - Barpig

"BARPIG After Hours takes players out of the comfort of the warm BARPIG tavern to tell a shadier tale. Featuring ten Brand new Evil Characters, each with an associated challenge for your party to play. Combine this with nine brand new vindictive items to backstab your friends and then get ready to find who will be reigned evil piggy supreme!"

The game focuses in on all kinds of mini-games and activities which you are trying to win and/or screw over your friends with. Hopefully, you'll be able to send your friends and adversaries into a spin and make them 'blackout' (not in reality I hope!) so you can claim that you're the best evil pig adventurer in the business.

Barpig After Hours Character #2 - Barpig

Each character comes with a range of special rules as you'll see above and they've got particular inventive with this latest foray onto the tabletop. With games lasting around thirty to forty-five minutes, this sounds like it would be a good 'screw you' game to throw into the mix during gatherings.

The entire game is modular too, so you can mix and match it with the previous iteration of the game to suit your group which is always good to see!

You'll be able to follow along with all of their news surrounding the game HERE and watch out for the Kickstarter when it launches too!

Are you interested in giving After Dark a go, perhaps at the UK Games Expo when the Kickstarter launch happens?

"...this sounds like it would be a good 'screw you' game to throw into the mix during gatherings"

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