Prepare For Battle In The Stonebound Saga Expansion

October 12, 2018 by cassn

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When the lost city of Lux reappeared after it's mysterious disappearance thousands of years ago, the Speaking Stones of Telios began to pulse. Only the Stonebound may utilize the power of these strange stones, imbuing their weapons and armor with a power the world has never seen before!


The Stonebound Saga: Visions of Telios is the first expansion of the popular skirmish game The Stonebound Saga. In this new addition, players can either draft or construct a team of Stonebound who will then train against each other, preparing themselves for an upcoming battle against the force of the Tenebris.


Sky Kingdom Games have described this new release as "a great mix of unit positioning and strategy requiring each player to carefully plan their turns and manage their resources to achieve victory against their opponent."


The Stonebound Saga: Visions of Telios contains new terrain cards, which significantly change the battlefield, and new mission cards, which provide enticing rewards for the completion of objectives.


The Kickstarter also has the option of purchasing the base game along with the expansion, for anyone unlucky enough to have missed The Stonebound Saga release earlier this year.


Overall, this is a quality skirmish game with strategic, resource management elements, and the expansion adds to the fighting fun! So if you wish to harness the arcane power of the Speaking Stones, you can back the project here.

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"A quality skirmish game with strategic, resource management elements."

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