Become Corinth’s Most Savvy Trader In New Roll-And-Write Game

January 18, 2019 by cassn

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Corinth is a roll-and-write game where players must place dice to gain resources and wealth. On their turn, a player rolls nine dice, then places the dice on different levels of a chart to determine their resource. Highest value dice go on the top of the chart to give gold, and the remaining dice are split between different coloured market stalls.


Gold can be used to purchase more dice, thereby increasing your chance of progressing to the desired level of affluence. Gold can also be used to purchase buildings which will provide special abilities for all subsequent rolls.


However, instead of marking off resources, a player can also use their roll to move their steward. The steward begins at the centre of a 5x5 grid, and when he reaches a corner, all movement up to that point is counted as points. Each time the steward reaches a new corner, this count happens again, so points can be built up from strategic movement.


I have mixed feelings about roll-and-write games. They have increased in popularity and, while some games already on the market like Railroad Ink have demonstrated that they can be done incredibly well, others I have seen have been underwhelming.


Corinth falls somewhere closer to the former. I am tentatively excited to give this game a go, I think it has interesting mechanics (like fulfilling the objectives of one market before being able to use another), and with Sébastien Pauchon (Jaipur) as designer, my hopes are high.

Corinth will be released in March 2019 in Europe, and you can keep up to date until then through the Days of Wonder website.

Do you have a roll-and-write game you love?

"I am tentatively excited to give this game a go!"

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