Bézier Games Announces Werewords Deluxe Party Game

February 6, 2018 by brennon

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Bézier Games has announced a new addition to the party game genre with Werewords Deluxe.

Werewords - Bezier Games

Werewords builds on the basic premise of the original game...

"The core of Werewords has not changed: One player is the Mayor, who knows a Magic Word that is so powerful that it has rendered him speechless. This Magic Word, when said by everyone in the village, will remove all the werewolves, keeping everyone safe. In order to guess the Magic Word, players ask the Mayor questions, and he responds by handing them Yes, No, or Maybe tokens.

Unfortunately, the werewolves also know the Magic Word, and are trying to divert the village from figuring it out, while the Seer knows the word but has to be careful not to give away her identity. In yet another twist, the Mayor himself might even be a werewolf!"

The game mixes in some interesting mechanics from familiar games and could prove to be quite fun as you try and muddle your way through to guessing the Magic Word.

Werewords Cards & Tokens

The game also comes with an App which allows you to track what's going on and also provides you with all manner of new words and other options. You can also share your categories with others as well thanks to a community site HERE.

Importantly the game and app are going to be getting a facelift with the new edition of the game as well giving it a new lease of life.

Watch out for the game on Kickstarter March 5th with a release at Gen Con this year.

Are you looking for an alternative party game?

"Watch out for the game on Kickstarter March 5th with a release at Gen Con this year..."

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