Board Game Geek 2014 Winners & Runners Up Announced!

February 26, 2015 by brennon

I love looking through Board Game Geek and so should you! It's got a massive archive of cool board games to check out and it's always helpful for finding out about some of the newest games. They have also released their Golden Geek 2014 Award winners this week and there's no surprises...

Golden Geek

While some of the games might not be on your radar as wargames I suggest checking out practically all of the entries that are mentioned in the different categories because they are worth investing in. It comes as no surprise that Dead of Winter has done so well and Splendor. I also strongly suggest checking out 7 Wonders as that's a game you NEED to add to your list of things to play this year.

Check out the winners and runners up and let me know if you've played any of the entries! Also make sure to check out the Shut Up & Sit Down website which was a runner up in the Podcast section as those guys do some really good reviews.

Do you play a lot of board games?

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