Brew A Beautiful Beverage In Bubble Tea

April 17, 2019 by cassn

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Renegade Game Studios have announced that they are bringing the utterly adorable Bubble Tea board game to the Western market!


The Taiwanese reaction game takes place in a bubble tea shop, where players must impress customers by brewing the best drink for their clientele. Each player is given two 3x4 square grid 'cups' and a set of clear overlay ingredients. On their turn, one player rolls the dice which set out what ingredients need to be used in that round.


Players must then work as quickly as possible to brew the perfect drink for their customers. The first player to make their perfect drink will get a happy customer card, and the player who gets three happy customer cards is declared the winner!


Bubble Tea is a cutesy game that will appeal to fans of Kawaii-style aesthetics (or, indeed, fans of Bubble Tea!). It will be reaching FLGS shelves in June 2019, but you can pre-order through the Renegade Game Studios website.

Are you a fan of Kawaii-style art? What about Bubble Tea? Comment below!

"A cutesy game that will appeal to fans of Kawaii-style aesthetics!"

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