Build & Invest In Your Own 3D Empire In Magnate – The First City

November 23, 2021 by fcostin

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The successful Kickstarter-funded city-building board game from Naylor Games is about to head to retail. Magnate - The First City will be available at your FLGS and online from the 27th November, and you can now truly monopolize the tabletop in a board game based on how property really works.

Magnate - Image One

Magnate - The First City // Naylor Games

No, I am not talking about passing go and collecting two hundred quid! I am talking about knowing your surroundings, developing and monopolising your arena.

1-5 players will take the role of property tycoons, ready to invest in a blank canvas of a city! The goal of each player is one and the same - they want to watch the city flourish and succeed. As every positive action reaps in rewards for players, a real 3D city will come to life. Whether that be building an industrial estate, homes, shops or offices. Every building counts and it is all written by the players’ design.

Magnate - Image Two

Property Management // Magnate: The First City

Starting from the bottom, players will pick areas of land which belong to a variety of neighbourhoods to purchase. They will develop their properties by moving in tenants, uplifting neighbourhoods, advertising and tactically selling to other players.

Not only do players need to keep an eye on the other tycoons on the board, but the market surrounding them is on the constant rise. And this rise will be their demise! At the end of each turn, property prices can go up, and players will need to strategize in the ideal market for the evolving city.

Magnate - Image Five

Rising Market Example // Magnate - The First City

The market in which players control will eventually hit a boiling point, as each person takes risk cards which could potentially push their success over the edge. Enough cards will see the market inflating - enough of those pulled will cause a crash. Whoever has the most money after the city is in tatters - they will be crowned champion!

Although players can see themselves in a visual map of a city with their friends’ involvement. The game also supports solo mode! So you can fundamentally cause your own inevitable crash in the market without pointing fingers!

Keep your eyes peeled for Magnate - The First City over at your FLGS and online on the 27th November 2021.

Do you like the sounds of becoming a true property tycoon?

"Not only do players need to keep an eye on the other tycoons on the board, but the market surrounding them is on the constant rise..."

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