Catalyst Games Bring Us the Board for the Shadowrun Board Game

February 15, 2015 by dracs

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Catalyst Game Labs are currently working on a new board game for the much-loved world of Shadowrun titled Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover, and are now showing off the progress with the artwork that will appear on the game board itself.

Shadowrun Hostile Takeover Gameboard

The artwork here is great as it presents us with something of a satellite view of the location, but with the lines of communication and power picked out in those glowing, high tech lines. Not only does this give us an idea of the high-tech focus of the game, but it helps to give us an idea of the large scale focus of the game.

However, the problem with such artwork forming the background of the board is that it is somewhat divorced from the action that would be happening at the personal level and doesn't give a great idea of the flavour of the setting, but it looks like this will be brought to the game by the art on other components.

Megacorps Card

Are you looking forward to Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover?

Thanks to ghent99 for letting us know of this.

"The art helps to give us an idea of the large scale focus of the game."

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