Catapult Feud: Hydra Expansion & Full Collection On Kickstarter!

January 6, 2022 by fcostin

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A castle. When built with your own hands becomes a fortress, a destination moulded by the creator's hands—becoming a sanctuary and, of course, a barricade for any incoming attack. Build up your troops, build up your walls - because there is a medieval catapult coming your way ready to knock everything back down again.

Catapult Feud - Main Image

Catapult Feud // Vesuvius Media

A brand new expansion to the fantastic 2-player title, Catapult Feud, is up on Kickstarter. And if you haven't got the chance to play the castle and army building dexterity game. The whole cohort of Catapult Feud is up, including a bunch of stretch goals and Kickstarter exclusive content to build on your current terrain.

Catapult Feud - Choose Your Weapon

Choose Your Weapon! // Catapult Feud

Bringing 'War for the Floor', two players go head to head, taking the role of Generals for two opposing armies. Players must construct a castle using bricks to keep the troops seemingly safe from harm.

Through a series of rounds and mastering the passes of Tactics, Aim, Fire and Cleanup, starting with the youngest (or I put in my home through witty sarcasm, the most inexperienced), players will arm a catapult with large boulders in hopes of destroying their castle - and the troops along with it! The person who has at least one man upright will be crowned the champion.

Catapult Feud - Hydra Expansion

The Hydra Expansion // Catapult Feud

The newest expansion for Catapult Feud, which has 11 days left on the clock on Kickstarter is The Hydra Expansion. Fancy going up against the mighty Hydra. You may be armed with your catapult, but the Hydra can take you down on its own with ease, throwing them towards your castle. The new expansion comes with a 22x16cm Hydra and action cards, for one side to assume the role of the beast.

If you really do enjoy the game, there are some Kickstarter Exclusive expansions on there too! Adding a projectile volcano in the midst of your battle, or a troop of Vikings and Catapult longship to conquer.

Seige Expansion - Catapult Feud

Siege Expansion // Catapult Feud

Already out at retail with the base game is the Siege Expansion: bringing more action cards, two Ballistas, more blocks and troops. And the Artificer's Tower Expansion: bringing Mighty Plungers, more blocks and new stingy ammunition to wield your catapult with - bees. Both of these expansions can also be picked up as part of the Kickstarter.

There are 11 days left on the clock, so if you want to engage in some family fun warfare on the tabletop with dexterity in mind, be sure to check it out.

By the end of Catapult Feud, when my opponent's castle has been destroyed and my poor little infantry is lonely with a sham of a castle behind him - I find there's nowhere to relish in the spoils! I always end up building an extra big castle out of my brick winnings. It doesn't do anything in the game, nor is it written anywhere. I like to rub it in a little and smile over my extra big castle. 

"Bringing 'War for the Floor', two players go head to head, taking the role of Generals for two opposing armies..."

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