Challenge Friends In A Putrid Duel With Farts & Fairies

June 14, 2021 by fcostin

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When toilet humour meets whimsy, you find a handful of fairies and a wild bunch of wacky characters in the middle who cannot control their backdoor breeze... or can control it a little too well.

Farts & Faries takes players into a fart-fight to the end, by launching and dodging the smelliest of attacks to one another to win the game. The self-published game has landed on Kickstarter, with 17 days to go until it dilutes into the ether.

Farts & Fairies // Self-Published

In the funded Kickstarter, players will battle it out by launching fart attacks at one another as use of drafting cards. Players will have the chance to dodge the attack (depending on if they have the card available), get help from the fairies, and go all out in a severely nose-threatening battle. The player with the least amount of farts by the end of the game is crowned the winner.

Farts & Fairies // Self-Published

Featuring characters such as Farter Christmas, Queen of Farts and Da Vinci the Fartist. If you are a fan of puns and toilet humour at its finest - the names and attacks will have you giggling to yourself as a real cure for the sadness.

For every backer of the game, they will receive a free Kickstarter expansion pack that has been made and designed by the Kickstarter community. With entries entered earlier on in the campaign, you can be part of the makings of a truly fantastic party game that is sure to promote smiles, and send you competitively laughing on games night.

Adults Only Expansion Deck // Farts & Fairies

It isn't just the Kickstarter expansion that is available on the campaign. An NSFW Adults Only Deck is available to add to the base game too, containing some "Totally Inappropriate Cards", with extra abilities that only adults could possibly stomach.

For each copy sold, one will be donated to a children's hospital too, as stated "because farts are funny, and laughter is the best medicine".

The Kickstarter has already been funded and still have quite a bit to go. If you are looking for the next party game that can have up to six of you doubled-over in a tactical fight to the death by drowning one-anothers' lungs in farting fairies - take the opportunity to get farting on your friends.

What do you think of this hilarious card game? 

"For each copy sold, one will be donated to a children's hospital too!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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