Channel Your Inner Action Hero In Rambo: The Board Game

January 26, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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It's time to channel your inner 80's action hero with Rambo: The Board Game, from Everything Epic Games.

Rambo: The Board Game is live on Kickstarter right now, funded and ready unlock those stretch goals.

Rambo: The Board Game is a cooperative game for one to four players, where you take on the iconic roles from First Blood Part II. Yes, that means that there's even a solo mechanic as the enemies in this game are driven by an AI deck.

This game embraces the almost legacy mechanic that features Missions. The Missions come in separate packs and the further you progress in the missions, the more cool gear and tactics cards you unlock to bring into the next game.

Wanting to capture the true cinematic flair that we know action movies have, every attack in the game (heroes and enemies) deals a minimum of one point of damage, which admittedly we were unsure about how that would feel when we first played (yes, we've gotten a preview copy! Stay tuned for more soon!)

But I have to tell you, it felt natural and definitely escalates things quickly in the game.

The cooperative nature is awesome as not only what players do matters, but the order that they do it in does as well. The AI component does a brilliant job of sabotaging even the best-laid plans sometimes, which really lends to the intensity of the game.

Everything Epic Games has done a great job in keeping down the price point to get into this fantastic game, which is great, but you won't want to stop there when you see the additional pledge levels and the cool stuff that comes in them...

The Core pledge gets you the basic game, which comes with your 4 hero minis and everything you need to get started in the game. Once you get the Plus pledge, you get the Core pledge AND: An Enemy Miniature Pack For the Core Game and The First Blood Expansion- based on events from First Blood.

If you want to take it even farther, you can get into the Maximum Carnage pledge, which gets you: everything in the first 2 pledges PLUS the Blood in the Desert Expansion, featuring content from Rambo III.

Will you be channelling your inner 80's action hero?

"Rambo: The Board Game is a cooperative game for one to four players, where you take on the iconic roles from First Blood Part II..."

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