Childres Drops More Information On Frosthaven Project For 2020

December 9, 2019 by brennon

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Over the weekend at PAX Unplugged, Issac Childres talked more about Frosthaven, the new big box expansion for Gloomhaven which will be coming to Kickstarter next year. We learned more about each of the different characters and a little more on how the game will play too.

Frosthaven Artwork #1 - Cephalofair Games

Watch The Twitch Interview Here

One of the key things to get your head around first off for Frosthaven is that whilst it is a standalone project the characters here are tougher to get your head around than those presented in the original Gloomhaven. That isn't to say you can't start with Frosthaven but you'll have an advantage of sorts by having got your head around the mechanics of the heroes in the original game.

For example, the Banner Spear up above has a lot of abilities which are focused on positioning and fighting in formation. This means she works well with others if you can wrangle them and she can also summon pets and others into play to help her if she's battling away from additional support.

You also have the new Harrower character who works as a shared consciousness and instead of having one distinct deck you'll instead be shifting forms, choosing which deck you want to draw from at each turn.

Additionally, there are also some additional races being thrown into the mix which are enemies, to begin with, but eventually might end up fighting alongside you.

Frosthaven Artwork #2 - Cephalofair Games

Mechanically the game hasn't changed much from the previous iteration of the game and whilst there have been a few ways in which different abilities and status effects work the core of Gloomhaven remains the same, a game as much about hand management as it is dungeon delving.

The world itself is also going to be different as you're looking to not only range out in search of foes in dungeons but also building up and maintaining Frosthaven. You'll be able to use the stickers that were present in the base game to show locations on the map and also buildings that you've built with hard-won resources.

This resource element of the game also carries over into the way you get your hands on equipment. As you're in the North and resources are hard to come by you don't find coins on the floor of your dungeons but tokens which can be exchanged for a range of different things including materials to build your new weapons, armour and items.

There will also be more emphasis on the idea of solving puzzles and building on the narrative away from quests too. More of that is getting added into the mix to make it feel a bit more fleshed out.

They are also working on some cool new miniatures too and here is an early look at some...

Banner Spear Sculpt - Cephalofair Games

Frosthaven Sample Renders - Cephalofair Games

The Banner Spear is looking near completion and the other two characters are early in development but give you an idea as to what they have been working on. Childres did say that they have been stepping up the amount of detail they want to include in their sculpts and give the heroes an added bit of x-factor.

If you'd like to know more it is worth checking out the video above!

"They are also working on some cool new miniatures too..."

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