CMON Game With Gravity, Trains, Drug Lords & WWI This November

November 27, 2018 by brennon

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CMON Games has released four new board games for you to snap up this November. There are some special ones which have already popped up at events and such but each of these is well worth delving into. We'll start with one of my new favourite games, Railroad Ink.

Railroad Ink - CMON

Railroad Ink is an awesome new roll and write game where you will be rolling a handful of dice that each show both roads and rails. You will then have to try and build connections and routes across your 'board'. The game plays with up to six players with one set OR if you have both Red and Blue you can play with even more.

The game is fantastic as a solo experience and I played so much of it over the last weekend with just two people, each time facing new and interesting challenges. Both sets also come with different expansions include the more relaxed rivers and lakes of Blue and the volcanos and meteors of Red.

Gravitational Fun

The next of the games to be released fully is Newton.

Newton - CMON

You will be playing as students from the 18th Century who are trying to become intellectual giants. The game focuses in on a card-based play where you are trying to get the most out of your actions. You can attend university or research from dusty tomes in order to make the most of your hand and become the next Newton.

Become A Cartel Kingpin

Based on the Netflix show of the same name, Narcos: The Board Game puts one player in the shoes of the Patron whilst the others are a faction of loosely allied organisations looking to hunt him down.

Narcos The Board Game - CMON

The game sounds like it will focus in on some of the reasons why people love Fury Of Dracula and Whitechapel Mysteries with a focus on hunting down the target and following clues left behind by his loyal yet messy Sicarios.

The Grizzled: Armistice Edition

Last but not least we have The Grizzled which comes with a new Armistice Edition that not only uses mechanics from the original game but also throws into the mix new scenarios and a boot camp for your soldiers to try and survive through.

The Grizzled Armistice Edition - CMON

The Grizzled is a fantastic cooperative game which really has you working together in order to overcome the obstacles before you. It is also a game which is able to evoke the feel of World War I with your rousing speeches getting men ready to face horrifying odds and even the smallest thing able to get your soldiers down.

I think this is a fascinating new version of the game and it would be great to see folks pick this up and give it a go.

Will you be trying any of these new board games?

"Will you be trying any of these new board games?"

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