Drink For Three Days & Compete To Win The Belgium Beers Race!

September 24, 2021 by fcostin

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Belgium is a stunning place to visit, the Christmas markets, the canals and of course the beer! Back in the day when I could hop on planes to adventure and explore the open world, I ticked off Belgium with my friends and certainly tried and tested the tourism, pub-crawling across iconic locations in the Autumn.

The journey was fascinating, bringing beer and banter to the table. Now players emulate their own Belgium Brewery adventure on their own table, as BYR Games have emulated this common tourist way path, with The Belgian Beers Race hitting retail in February 2022. 

TBBR - Image One

The Belgium Beer Race // BYR Games

2-4 players are heading out for a race, but there are quite a few stop-offs on the way! Being tasked to visit as many breweries as they can, players will compete against one another as part of a 3-day-competition, to buy beer and drink their way through the stunning location of Belgium.

Travelling by bike, getting on publish transport, walking or simply utilising your thumb to hitchhike to the next beer spring will help you meet your targets and goals. 

TBBR - Image Two

Game Map // The Belgium Beer Race

Keeping an eye on blood-alcohol levels, and drinking your opponents under the table. The perspective of a pumped-up tourist trying to remain sober, avoiding hangovers and having more endurance will feature. Can you out-drink your buddies to meet them at the Brussels Grand Place with a beer belly behind you and reap the rewards?

Obviously, due to the nature of the game, you cannot enrol your little ones onto the beer-fuelled adventure with you. But the game is pitched at 14+, so considering you keep the beer off the table - the whole family can still enjoy the rush to the finish line. 

TBBR - Image three

Pub Locations // The Belgium Beer Race

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign this year, the game is ready to head to retail. There is nothing stopping players from partnering this game with beer themselves, emulating the process. But considering the game is set over the course of a three-day-bender, I would wish you the best of luck making it to the Brussels Grand Place. 

Incorporating favourited themes of my own pleasure, combining travelling, beer, friends, and board games, I really do love the sound of The Belgian Beers Race. The artwork really strikes a chord with me, as it adds a fantasy feel to travelling - avoiding the chaos and pain which comes from enduring the likes of public transport and hitchhiking! Putting us in a game-world we can relate to and understand, whilst feeling truly immersed in the game world's vision. It feels like a fun social board game for the end of a games night!

Would you be interested in running The Belgian Beers Race?

"Travelling by bike, getting on publish transport, walking or simply utilising your thumb to hitchhike to the next beer spring will help you meet your targets and goals..."

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